Проект Гостьового будинку для українських біженців, які переїжджають з територій, де ведуться бойові дії
Ви можете зробити свій внесок у побудову проекту, який допоможе людям в Україні, котрі залишилися без даху над головою. А також стати інвестором в майбутню девелоперську компанію, що спеціалізується на відродженні українських сіл та загородній нерухомості.

You can contribute to the construction of a project that will help people in Ukraine
who are left without a roof over their heads

HI, Dear friends!

My name is Max, I am from Ukraine, the owner of beautiful house and picturesque plot. Now I am engaged in volunteer activities, support and help everyone who needs it.

So, I own a large plot of land with a garden. It is near the river and a forest in one of the most picturesque places in the south of Ukraine, Odessa region.

This is the central part of Ukraine, which is very well protected and not affected by hostilities. Quite a lot of refugees come here or pass by from the Eastern part of Ukraine, where there are active hostilities.

And the problem is that there are no hotels and guesthouses here. Most of the vacant houses are in poor condition and lack any comfort. They have no running water (water in the wells in the yard), no shower. To wash you need to heat the water on the stove. There is no washing machine, to wash things you also need to heat water and wash in the trough. Toilets are outside. There are no normal conditions to cook food. There are no comfortable rooms for overnight stay.
On my site there is a comfortable house with 3 rooms, where there are all these conditions. Here is in airbnb. I live in it with my 80-year-old grandmother, who can hardly walks. And, as far as possible, I offer free rooms for temporary stay, to everyone who needs it, but this is very little.

Therefore, I decided to make repairs and do up the premises on my site turning it into a comfortable residential look. And I made a detailed estimate of everything I'm going to do in the nearest future.

Now I am actively collecting donations for building materials, plumbing and furniture for this house. It will be able to provide with comfortable conditions from 6 to 10 people.

So, this will be a great start to my activities as a development company in this direction. Because a lot of people in Ukraine were left homeless and they need comfortable conditions. Therefore, if this project succeeds, I will continue to create similar spaces in the villages.

So, I would be grateful for any help and donations for this project.
And if one of you wants to establish a development company in Ukraine, and create new home for Ukrainian people - please contact me.
What I need to build a Guest House?

So I have 3 steps:
The First step:

  • Plaster and paint the front of the house - $350
  • Make interior walls with drywall - $350
  • Make a sewer hole - $200
  • Finish plasterboard ceiling - $200
  • Instal a new door 1 piece - $150
  • Instal plastic windows 2 pcs - $200
  • Build a separate bathroom wall - $250
  • Run water into the house - $100
  • Make a terrace - $200

Total: $2000
The second step is:

  • Electricity (lamps in the house, lamps on the street, sockets for electrical appliances) - $150
  • Install shower cabin - $300
  • A kitchen sink - $80
  • Make a kitchen nook and work area - $100
  • Buy and install a toilet - $100
  • Buy and install a washbasin + mirror - $80
  • Lay linoleum on the floor - $200
  • Install buleryan (wood-fired oven) - $250
  • Buy 3 bunk beds - $500
  • Make a barbecue area (brazier) - $100
  • Make a play area for kids - $200

Total: $2000
    The third stage

    Construction of a new roof with a panoramic view of the starry sky and the surrounding river - $1500 - $3000

    Total: $3000
      Construction stages:

      What will I do next:

      After I launch my first Guest house, I will invest in other abandoned sites in the villages and turn them into excellent oases for migrants. That is, I have plans to found a development company that specializes in suburban real estate.
      Eco-friendly cafe, coffee shop
      There will be drinks and dishes from organic local products. As well as a wonderful, friendly atmosphere and hospitality.
      Grocery store and food base
      This store will sell locally produced eco-products and high-quality essential food products.
      Orchard with access to the river pier
      On the territory of my site, there is a large garden. So far, the garden is in an abandoned state, but I plan to bring it to a well-kept fruit park with various types of trees, medicinal herbs and shrubs.
      Development company
      I plan to invest in various abandoned houses and lots, restore them, rent them out or sell them.