Marketer, targetolog, analyst.

Specialization: SEO, PPC, SMM, strategic marketing, content marketing, chatbot marketing, landing pages.
I teach: SMM + Digital marketing individually and in groups.
I advise: entrepreneurs, novice marketers, heads of enterprises and sales departments.

Max Kotenko
Hello colleagues!

I specialize in lead generation, attract loyal customers
for small and medium businesses.

I create and implement marketing strategies, automated
sales funnels for goods and services on the Internet.

I have my own educational platform, I consult and train SMM
and internet marketing entrepreneurs and budding marketers.

Conducted over 2,000 hours of consultations with entrepreneurs in 2021 alone,
attracted 50,000+ potential customers for small and medium businesses, trained about 100 specialists.

In my arsenal there are 100+ marketing actions according to the principle: implemented - got the result.

Nothing superfluous: only methods that attract customers and quickly bring projects to a new level.
Contact me if:

Tired of business plans, concepts, trainings and other imitations of hectic activity.
We are ready to implement effective solutions in your business, not tests, templates and hypotheses.
Appreciate your time and you need a conscious adequate specialist who says little - does a lot.

I understand well that:

Each business has its own specifics and mechanism for working with clients. That's why I don't take care of everything myself but I attract the best specialists who are able to make results for a particular area.

Send me a telegram, I'll be happy to help.

My services:

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Working with me you get:

Real results from day one.
Activities that attract customers, which increase
profits enhance the company's reputation.
A team of professionals who work for the result
for your business.

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  • Creation / implementation of marketing strategies and auto funnels
  • Targeted Facebook Ads
  • Contextual \ display advertising Google Ads
  • Creating Effective Landing Pages
  • Setting up business manager, Facebook pixel, Google analytics
  • Viber and email settings
  • Online advertising training
  • SMM training and integrated Internet marketing
  • Consultations on integrated marketing, attracting customers from social networks and search engines
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I am a course teacher
SMM and internet marketing,
and creator of the learning platform.

You can order both group and individual training. Individual training is a personal work on professional skills and results of your projects.
To book a consultation
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I will review your project. I will define growth points. I will recommend 10+ actions that will give new customers and increase profits.
Viber, WhatsApp: +380935017374
Telegram: @mistik_max
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